About us

Services what we offer you with 7 years of experience in the cleaning industry:






Ever get the feeling the ironing pile is just growing and growing and shows no signs of going down? We can take away your ironing pile once we've cleaned your house, and return the neatly ironed clothes back to you at a mutually agreed time.

Interior window cleaning




Are your windows looking smeared or dirty? The buildup of dust or pollution can leave your windows looking less than their best so why not ask us to complete this task for you?

Upholstery and carpet cleaning




Over time, your carpets, sofas, chairs and curtains will start to look tired and dirty. Allow our dedicated team to clean these specialist items during their visit and return them back to their former glory.

Car cleaning



No matter how dirty,insect stains,bird droppings,general dirt & grime.We will give back a shine to your car.